Here at Bean Data we always suggest that clients have their data backed up!

Listed is just one of the devices we suggest. We have many for our own use but also have deployed them for our clients. Either as a personal individual backup or one that is a secondary backup to a server or network storage device. We like this drive because it’s really meant to stay on your desktop and not to be mobile.

One rule to follow when purchasing a drive. Make sure its at least twice the size of your desktop or laptop hard drive. That way you have plenty of space and have the option to perform multiple backups. Cloud storage is also another option, but for many having their data within arms reach is more reassuring.

Next week we will post a mobile drive for your data, and cloud storage the week after that. Have a great week!

As always if you have any tech related issues. Contact us for assistance!

Here is an External Drive that will take care of most of your backup needs. Click the link for more info:

Seagate 4TB External Drive – USB 3

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