Data Services

Our data service offerings are listed but not limited to the following:

Data Backup and Recovery

A consistent timely backup of your businesses vital data is crucial. We can help you determine what is the best method to backup your devices data in the event that it has a catastrophic failure or you simply need to recover a file that was lost or changed.

On and Off Site Backup

As stated previously consistent backs ups are crucial. whether the backup is on site via backup file server or a dedicated allotment in the cloud. We can assist you in keeping your data safe and within reach at a moments notice.

Data Compliance

Data Compliance is very important! No matter if your a health care provider, someone in a legal field or a company that needs to be assured that its information remains secret. Make sure your data is playing by the rules of use, retention and security. If your in need of consultation or an audit to make sure your HIPPA, PCI compliant etc. Contact Us and be assured that your data is being handled the way your industry requires.

Penetration Testing

Is your data and the devices you own truly safe and secure?

Are you questioning the security of your Network and connected devices?

Let us test and secure your systems with a preemptive security maintenance plan that works for you and not against you. Keep the cyber threats away from your assets!

Has your network and its devices been tested for security faults?

Do you have the correct devices and safeguards in place to protect your data?

Have you considered penetration testing be performed on on you network?